Unbox Yourself

Trigger positivity and progress with mindful living and meaningful gifts.

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Unbox Your Next Adventure

New beginnings are exciting yet overwhelming. That's why we unbox life milestones into simple steps.

Intentionally design your next chapter while creating a memory box of this special moment in your life.

Discover The Ultimate Care Package

Strategic Life Hacks + Sensory Activities + Symbolic Gifts

Gift Meaningfully

In times of transition, celebration, and sympathy, support is the most thoughtful gift.
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Unbox Yourself

"This box of life hacks was a fast-track to improving my quality of life."

Emil Jannsens

Global Head of Marketing

Allianz Commercial

“The box unquestionably changed the trajectory of my life."

Chole Hall

Managing Editor

Playgirl Magazine

“A great couple’s activity that we made time for every night. It helped us find new ways to connect and have conversations we haven’t had since the early days of our relationship.”

Justin Kreindler

Chief Operations Officer

Tau Carbon

“The box is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give."

Cheryl Yosowitz

Account Director


"As a new mom, I was surprised by how with just a couple minutes a day, the box made such a big impact. Unplug and unbox; you'll thank yourself later!"

Jannake Van Geuns

Head of Analytics


“What I love about the box is how intuitive it is, and that it doesn’t take a lot of time!”

Alice Toyonaga


Modo Yoga LA

"I not only grew from the experience, I had a lot of fun doing it."

Shaun Zaken

Chief Executive Officer

Blue Orchid Marketing

"Leah’s voice in the cards is encouraging, loving, and most of all, REAL. She feels like a trusted source and friend."

Janet Steinhauser

Professor & Executive Coach

Our Artifact Approach™

How it Works


Design your life with strategic steps distilled into daily experiences. 


Integrate new concepts into your routine through sensory activities.


Live with symbolic gifts to trigger positivity and progress.

Shift Your Mindset & Behavior

Strategic Life Hacks + Sensory Activities + Symbolic Gifts

Built By A Behavior Strategist

We’ve all experienced massive change. But in struggle, we find our strength.

After 20 years of behavior research to grow brands like Pepsi, HBO, and Amazon, I’m on a mission to make personal growth approachable, affordable, and attractive.

My hope is to help us reconnect, with ourselves and others, even at a time when it seems increasingly difficult.

The Box Co Story

Why It Works

The Box Effect

Watch how our Artifact Approach helps people improve their clarity, creativity, productivity, and peace of mind.

For Business + Events

Strengthen relationships and increase retention with meaningful employee, client, and corporate gifts.

Custom Gifts & Workshops

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