The Box Co Story

In 2020, the pandemic and protests were below, my friends and family were melting down, and I needed to help.

After 20 years as a Strategist for brands like Pepsi, HBO, and Amazon, I wanted to distill behavior science into simple steps, and the first box was born!

We’ve all experienced massive change, but in struggle we can find our strength.

My hope is to help us reconnect, with ourselves and each other, even at a time when it seems increasingly difficult.

— Leah Simon, Founder

Our Mission

We exist to unbox behavior change into simple steps.

"From the moment we were introduced to Leah, we knew we'd found a kindred spirit. The custom Bonfire Box she created was rooted in a shared worldview, cultivated through ceaseless attention to detail, and elevated by a vision of the women who will open this gift."

Rachel Bellow

Co-Founder, Bonfire Women

"Leah is a credible and confident presenter, unfazed by big titles or groups of people. Proactive, hard-working, insightful, and incredibly productive, she managed to quickly understand our POV and Strategic IP, and incorporate that into her thinking and presentation."

Neil Barrie

Global CEO, TwentyFirstCenturyBrand

"Leah is a strong strategic partner that strengthens relationships. She fully immersed herself to understand our team and culture, and her contributions resonated very positively and made a big impact."

Enrique Cortinas

Head of Strategy, Pepsico

"Leah has perfected skills that make her a strong strategic partner: analytical, precise with language, and able to converge lots of information. She approaches a team's challenge with a fresh pair of eyes and delivers strong, actionable results. On top of that, she brings a warm personality and a great sense of humor!"

Janneke Van Geuns

Head of Analytics, Google

"My go-to client gift. Such an intentional and thoughtful way to mark momentous occasions. So many emotions accompany markers in life, having a guide to savor the experience is definitely special!"

Robby Stone

Realtor, Parks Real Estate

"Leah's approach is very unique and thoughtful. Her incorporation of visuals and interactive pieces added tremendous value for everyone in the room. She is poised, professional, and most importantly, a genuine human being that cares not only about the work she delivers, but the people she works with."

Brittney McDonald

Managing Director, High Tide

"Most of us run from problems. Leah runs towards them and lives to solve them as an unbiased champion of the truth. What makes her a great strategist is what makes her a great person. She's compassionate, empathetic, articulate, and sharp-witted."

Chris Hunter

Creative Lead, Blue Cross Blue Shield

"Creative genius begins with a genius brief. Leah makes those briefs. She's a hard worker that loves collaboration, and most importantly, knows how to laugh and keep it light when the pressure is on."

Myra Mazzei Nussbaum

CCO & President, Havas

"Best client appreciation gift on the market."

Brian Vance

Realtor, The Vance Group

"Few people are blessed with the ability to synthesize culture into actionable insights. Moreover, to do so within business objectives. Leah is one of those rare diamonds in the coal field. Any organization would be fortunate to have her shrewd strategic acumen. I would jump at the chance to work with her again."

Jason Methner

VP of Acquisition, Laurel Road

"The time and money you invest in Leah creates a ROI that you will begin sensing almost immediately upon engaging her. She's the real deal. One of the most effective strategists who applies a tried and true process of listening, analyzing, and developing insights in a unique, targeted, and impactful way."

Matt Bretz

Chief Creative Officer, Ayzenberg

"Leah approaches numerous challenges with energy, positivity, and speed and tailors her approach accordingly. She is a great asset to any team and does everything with ease and a smile."

Stacey Duda

Senior Project Manager, UNICEF

"A smart, hard-working and team-building planning pro who delivers great work and lifts the work of those around her. She consistently develops a strong and educated POV and excels when real change is truly required. I highly recommend Leah."

Dick Thomas

Managing Partner, Match Marketing

"A client gift that keeps on giving! Leaves a lasting impression, evolves my relationships, and gives me authentic ways to engage with my clients."

Carrie Schwartz

Realtor, Compass Real Estate

"The ultimate closing gift. Sets goals, provides reminders, and creates milestones for the family. I highly recommend this product and partnering with Leah, who always prioritizes people."

William Wilson

Principal Broker

Wilson Homes

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“I feel like we could all use more resilience these days.

Leah created The Comeback Box in the midst of the pandemic when all of us were facing instability and uncertainty.

On the first day, she reminds us to be gentle on ourselves.”

— Tiffany Yu
CEO of Diversability & Tedx Speaker

The Sustainability

Feel good about your box as I’ve intentionally designed it to have the biggest impact on you and the least impact on our environment.

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In times of transition, celebration, and sympathy, we all deserve permission to take care of ourselves.
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