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What People Are Saying

“The Box unquestionably changed the trajectory of my life."

Chole Hall

Managing Editor

Playgirl Magazine

"This box of life hacks was a fast track to improving my quality of life."

Emil Janssens

Global Head of Marketing

Allianz Commercial

“A gift that keeps on giving! Leaves a lasting impression, evolves my relationships, and gives me an authentic way to reengage with my clients."

Carrie Schwartz

Realtor, Compass

“A great couple’s activity that we made time for every night. It helped us find new ways to connect and have conversations we haven’t had since the early days of our relationship.”

Justin Kreindler

Chief Operations Officer

Tau Carbon

“What I love about the box is how intuitive it is, and that it doesn’t take a lot of time!”

Alice Toyonaga


Modo Yoga LA

“Best Client Appreciation Gift on the market!"

Brian Vance

Realtor, Synergy Realty

“The box is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give."

Cheryl Yosowitz

Account Director


"With just a couple minutes a day, I was surprised by how impactful the box was. Unplug and unbox; you'll thank yourself later!"

Jannake Van Geuns

Head of Analytics


"I not only grew from the experience, I had a lot of fun doing it."

Shaun Zaken

Chief Executive Officer

Blue Orchid Marketing

"Leah’s voice in the cards is encouraging, loving, and most of all, REAL. She feels like a trusted source and friend."

Janet Steinhauser

Professor & Executive Coach

"The Housewarming Box is my go-to client gift. It’s such an intentional and thoughtful way to mark the momentous occasion of buying or selling a home!”

Robby Stone


Parks Real Estate

“I don’t know about you, but I feel like we could all use more resilience these days.

On the first day, we’re asked to touch the cotton and feel the texture on our skin as a reminder to be as gentle on ourselves as the cotton is on our skin.

Don’t forget to be gentle on yourself!”

— Tiffany Yu
CEO of Diversability & Tedx Speaker

“I have absolutely been blown away.

It’s fantastic and exciting every day to see what’s going to happen next.

Especially as a mom, this is a tangible way for me to set aside time for myself.

And, it only takes a few minutes a day!”

— Kelsey Starks,
KET Television Host & Producer

The Daily Discoveries

Once you discover the day’s concept, you’re asked to integrate it into your life in four ways.

Respond to prompts and questions directly on your cards.


Take an actionable step with yourself, ambition, or another.


Watch throughout your day and make keen mental notes.


Interact with a box gift and place it round your home for good vibes.

“I was looking back at my cards where I’d written goals I wanted to accomplish in the next six months.

And, I realized that I’d done them all!

Even after I’d completed the Box, it was working with me in my subconscious.

Reminding me to take care of myself, work slowly and diligently, and I’ll eventually get to where I want to go.”

— Chris Williams
Film & Television Actor

Behind the Box

"We’ve all experienced massive change. But in struggle, we can find our strength.

After 20 years researching behavior to grow brands like Pepsi, HBO, and Amazon, I’m on a mission to make self-growth approachable, affordable, and attractive.

My hope is to help us reconnect, with ourselves and each other, even at a time when it may seem increasingly difficult."

— Leah Simon

Founder, The Box Co

For Business + Events

Strengthen relationships with meaningful employee, client, and corporate gifts.

"From the moment we were introduced to The Box Co we knew we’d found a kindred spirit. This collaboration has been rooted in a shared worldview, cultivated through ceaseless attention to detail, and elevated by a vision of the women who will open this gift."

— Rachel Bellow
Founder, Bonfire Women

The Sustainability

Feel good about your box as I’ve intentionally designed it to have the biggest impact on you and the least impact on our environment. 

Available in the U.S.A.

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